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Visuel Bois contre Bois 15 Juin 2019 Eng

Logarythm Production and Kronos Productions present : 



« Bois contre Bois, a musical movie born from the belief that nature provides an amazing field for cinematographic, musical and sound expression»

2019 - France - 4K- Color film - 2.39 CinemaScope - Dolby Atmos /7.1/ 5.1 - 30min

BOIS CONTRE BOIS // Official trailer

A Short musical film by Jakez Hubert


Duration : 30 min

With Quatuor Sésame

Logarythm Production

Kronos Productions


With the support of Sacem

In partnership with France Musique


« Set in the heart of nature, Quatuor Sésame interprets a musical composition from Benjamin Britten. The wood from the string instruments resonates mysteriously with the wood of the trees. This unique dialogue between nature and music gradually takes us on a reflective exploration of our senses. »⁣⁣⁣

Jakez Hubert

The story >

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Jakez Hubert, 35 years old, has directed his first movie : Bois contre Bois. Born in Brittany, he’s inspired by the mythology and strangeness of Nature to question the audience with his senses. A few years ago, wondering in a mysterious pine forest in Morbihan’s gulf, he had a knack. « I was witnessing a series of natural paintings, with multiple echoes of a effusive wildlife. This vibrant and living potential gave me the urge to tell a story with picture, sound and music. With the huge commitment of the Sesame Quartet, this idea came to life. 

In addition of directing, he is also a sound engineer, sound creator and musician, he is also the founder of Silent lab, a birthplace for acoustic music recording and sound experimentation.

The Quatuor Sesame

The story >

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The Quatuor Sésame, born in 2013 with the impulse of Uda Reinemann, gather four artistically impressive musicians together, in a engaged musical quest with a global outlook. In addition to that, each of them lead remarkable solo careers, inspired by the cultural diversity of their origins.

Ann-Estelle Médouze is violin Supersolist of the National Orchestra of Ile de France.


Naaman Sluchin is violin Supersolist of Rouen Opera Professor at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.

Barbara Giepner is a solo Violist with the Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz.

Maitane Sebastián is a Cellist and an international concert artist.

Movie Bois contre Bois is entirely musical and without words. It presents a Benjamin Britten’s work, Quatuor n°1 Op. 25, played and recorded entirely in the film set. Musicians face the challenge of playing into the wild.

Around Britten’s work, the filmmaking chose to entangle pictures and sound creations in order to dialogue, complete, disturb and glorify the musical speech. 

The photography, far from a video clip or a musical recording, create contrast for the audience thanks to slow motions, raw nature shots and aerial viewpoints.  

The sound creation links Britten’s work and the imagery. The movie does not intend to make sound and picture muddle, but on the contrary, to call upon an unexpected strangeness to create desire and active public listening. From slow to swift rhythm, the movie takes us to an experimental and dreamy fantasy..

Screenshot of "Bois contre Bois"
Screenshot of "Bois contre Bois"

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Screenshot of "Bois contre Bois"
Screenshot of "Bois contre Bois"

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Screenshot of "Bois contre Bois"
Screenshot of "Bois contre Bois"

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Screenshot of "Bois contre Bois"
Screenshot of "Bois contre Bois"

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