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Behind the opal planets

 Collaboration with the American video artist Erik Winkowski.

༄ Erik Winkowski treats video like collage, cutting up, drawing over, and remixing scenes from everyday life in playful, unexpected ways. His pioneering animation techniques lend his videos the spontaneity and vitality of painting—this experimental spirit can be seen in his collaborations with Prada, Gucci, Hermès, and The New York Times ༴ 


Awakening of Lovortex

༄ Jakez Hubert is a french Music Composer based in Paris, his compositions mix acoustic piano textures, electronic experimentations and field recording ༴ 

Event horizon or not at all

༄ In this piece, a strange star seems to make a race in the absurd and the infinite, until fallen to find itself facing a wall, very real this one. While the musical atmosphere accompanies this star with infinite tenderness ༴